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Ragnarok Season 1

Ragnarok is a Norwegian fantasy drama television series reimagining of Norse mythology from Netflix. It takes place in the present-day fictional Norwegian town of Edda in Hordaland, which is plagued by climate change and industrial pollution caused by factories owned by the local Jutul family. The Jutuls are actually four jötnar (supernatural beings, inexactly translated as “Giants” in the English language overdub and closed captions) posing as a family. They are challenged by Magne, a teenage boy who is surprised to learn that he is the reincarnation of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. He begins to fight against those who are destroying the town after his friend dies under mysterious circumstances. In the second season, he is joined by more people who embody other Norse gods.

The series premiered in January 2020, with a second season released in May 2021. It is Netflix’s third Norwegian-language TV series, following Home for Christmas and Lilyhammer. The series is produced by the Danish production company SAM Productions.

In November 2021, Herman Tømmeraas, who plays Fjor, confirmed that the series was returning for a third and final season. The third season was released on August 24, 2023.

ragnarok season 1

Ragnarok Season 1


Episodes 01

“New Boy”

Magne, Laurits and Turid return to the Norwegian town of Edda. The boys’ father had died in Edda under mysterious circumstances when they were children, and they moved away. As they drive into Edda, their car is slowed down behind Wotan in his mobility scooter, who comes to a halt trying to turn right. Magne gets out to help Wotan and he is approached by Wenche. She tells Magne he is a good boy, looks up at him intensely and blesses him by touching his forehead. A change flickers through his eyes. The brothers attend the local high school. Awkward Magne becomes friends with green advocate Isolde, who blames local pollution on the Jutul family. He and Isolde hike up to the glacier, which she has monitored. Vidar parks on the mountain. He strips, stalks a reindeer, tears out its heart and eats it. A text from Laurits sends Magne running swiftly down the mountain, but it turns out to be a false alarm. Magne watches, horrified, as Isolde paraglides into power lines and is killed. That night, a distraught Magne hurls his father’s sledgehammer into a thunderstorm. It disappears into the clouds with a flash of lightning.

Episodes 02

“541 Meters”

Magne’s hammer flies 1.5 kilometres, destroying Vidar’s windshield. Turid recognizes it from news reports, blames Magne. Students mourn Isolde’s death. Magne suspects it was no accident. Police report that Isolde was struck by lightning before hitting power lines. However, the lightning started an hour later. Wenche tells Turid: her son’s heroic journey has started. Magne buys another sledgehammer and throws it 541 metres. Laurits scoffs when Magne brags of his hammer throws. Laurits wears his mother’s stylish shirt to a school dance. Vidar and Ran discuss human flaws. Vidar admits he killed Isolde. He searches for her mobile: it has photos of Jutul Industries’ illegal waste disposal. Strange things happen at the dance. Fjor puts on rock music in the Old Language, which affects the Jutuls. Ran is aroused, takes two schoolboys aside for sex. Fjor and Saxa dance strangely and are joined by Laurits. Laurits and Oscar watch Fjor urinate on Isolde’s memorial. Oscar posts it on Instagram. Magne visits Erik; they share their grief. Vidar brutally beats Fjor as his urination was an insult to Vidar’s work. Gry, who is staying overnight, sees Fjor’s beating. The Seiers return from Isolde’s funeral – their home was ransacked.

Episodes 03


Seier brothers confront the junkie who stole Laurits’ headphones. Junkie: house was ransacked before he got there; Vidar’s car was at the scene. Magne tells Sindre of his frustration with the police and about suspicions of Vidar’s involvement. Sindre tells Ran, who delivers the news to Vidar. Erik gives Isolde’s computer to Magne. Fjor, Gry, Saxa and Laurits go driving. A bird hits the windshield. It is still alive, but Saxa eats it. When Magne confronts Bjornholt about inconsistencies surrounding Isolde’s death; she challenges his own story. He traveled a distance, which takes 90 minutes in an hour. She tells him not to question some things. Later, Magne runs and times himself: 100 meters in 7 seconds. Vidar kills the junkie and sees a snowplow collide into Magne. He tells the other Jutuls that Magne is dead and informs them: not safe to have intimate relationships with humans. At school, Saxa is stunned to see Magne, unharmed. Magne and Laurits are invited to dine at Jutul’s home, Jutulheim. Alcohol has no effect on Magne until they give him mead. Arm-wrestling Ran, he sees her true form and loses. Magnes reflection in the bathroom mirror shows a bearded, bloody warrior.

Episodes 04


Magne continues Isolde’s work by investigating the Jutuls and their role in Edda’s water pollution problems. He learns more about his own abilities while evading the increasingly suspicious Jutuls. Turid bonds with Erik; eventually they start a relationship. Both Magne and Fjor have a romantic interest in Gry. On a school camping trip into the mountains, Laurits tricks Magne into publicly confessing his love for Gry. She cares for Magne but does not love him, but instead chooses to go off with Fjor. After seeing Vidar cutting up raw reindeer meat, Magne realizes that it smells the same as the blood of Isolde’s jacket at the time of her death. Magne deduces that Vidar was behind her death and warns Vidar that he will not get away with it. Vidar notices Magne’s knife has the same marking as the hammer that destroyed his windshield. After Magne follows Fjor and Gry, Vidar sends Thrym, his hellhound, to kill Magne. Magne and Thrym struggle until Magne kills Thrym. When visiting the Jutul’s home with Fjor, Gry notices something is wrong with the family: century-old photos and older artwork depict all the Jutuls as physically unchanged from the past into the present.

Episodes 05

“Atomic Number 48”

The Jutuls conspire to punish Magne because he killed Thrym, albeit in self-defense. When Magne proposes to write a critical assignment about Jutul Industries, he is confronted at a meeting attended by Ran, Sindre, Erik and Turid. He is forced to return Isolde’s laptop to Erik. Nevertheless, Erik privately hands over Isolde’s mobile to Magne, which Erik had found on the mountain. Magne unlocks it and finds incriminating photos of Jutul Industries’ water pollution. He goes up the mountain and discovers 2,500 barrels in a newly exposed cave, which have leached toxic heavy metal wastes, including cadmium (element 48) into Edda’s water supply. Magne reports the existence of the barrels to the police. However when police go to investigate, all the toxic barrels are gone. The police had felt obliged to pre-notified the Jutul Industries of their planned visit. Neither the police nor his high schools administration takes Magne’s allegations seriously. Ran suspends Magne from school due to his disruptive behavior. Meanwhile he is ordered to attend psychological evaluation and treatment. Gry continues her relationship with Fjor even though she finds him odd, while his family increasingly puts pressure on him to break the relationship off.

Episodes 06

“Yes, We Love This Country”

A Jutul-appointed psychiatrist misdiagnoses Magne with schizophrenia. He refuses to take antipsychotics. Turid criticizes Magne’s anti-Jutul behavior. Fjor displays feelings for Gry and tries to help her family. He informs Magne that the toxic barrels from Jutul Industries are due to be shipped away. Jutuls order Fjor to kill Gry with Saxa threatening to do so, herself. Early on Constitution Day, Magne leaves toxic barrels at the police station. Police belatedly begin an investigation despite Vidar’s attempts to intimidate Yngvild. Magne leaves Edda’s local celebrations to follow Fjor and Gry to an abandoned warehouse. Fjor starts to attack Gry, but Magne saves her. Vidar arrives, identifies Magne as Thor and attacks. Before they battle, Magne warns Fjor and Gry to flee. Magne is almost overcome by Vidar but calls up lightning to direct a bolt at Vidar. Magne is hurt by the lightning, but survives. At the celebrations, Laurits dressed as Ran, gives a pretentious speech in front of the whole town, sarcastically pointing out how despite Norway being a democracy, no choice actually exists for common people while Jutuls exploit them. Due to their powerful position, Jutuls are least affected by climate change.


  • David Stakston as Magne Seier, returns to Edda as a high school student. The reincarnation of Thor, god of thunder.
  • Jonas Strand Gravli [no] as Laurits Seier, Magne’s younger half-brother, and Vidar’s son. He is the reincarnation and reimaging of Loki, god of mischief.
  • Herman Tømmeraas as Fjor, high-school-age “son” in the Jutul family of jötnar from Norse mythology.
  • Theresa Frostad Eggesbø [no] as Saxa, the high-school-aged “daughter” in the Jutul family.
  • Emma Bones [no] as Gry, Magne’s and Fjor’s love interest.
  • Henriette Steenstrup as Turid Seier, Magne’s and Laurits’ mother, wife of Asbjorn.
  • Synnøve Macody Lund as Ran, principal of the high school and “mother” in the Jutul family.
  • Gísli Örn Garðarsson as Vidar, CEO of Jutul Industries, “father” in the Jutul family, and Laurits’ biological father.
  • Odd-Magnus Williamson as Erik Eidsvoll, teacher at the high school, father of Magne’s short-lived friend, Isolde, and later, step-father to both Magne and Laurits.
  • Bjørn Sundquist as Wotan Wagner, elderly disabled aged care resident. The reincarnation of Odin, god of wisdom and king of the gods.
  • Eli Anne Linnestad [no] as Wenche, supermarket checkout operator. Her real identity is Völva. She awakens Magne’s, Iman’s and Wotan’s powers.
  • Tani Dibasey as Oscar Bjørnholt, high school student, hangs out with Fjor.
  • Iselin Shumba Skjævesland [no] as Yngvild Bjørnholt, local police chief, Oscar’s mother.
  • Danu Sunth as Iman Reza, new high school student. The reincarnation of Freyja, goddess of love, who can manipulate minds.
  • Billie Barker as Signy Marie Kjærstad, Magne’s new love interest.
  • Benjamin Helstad as Harry Kristersen, mechanic, boxer. The reincarnation of Týr, god of war.
  • Espen Sigurdsen as Halvor Lange, doctor at nursing home, “dark elf” or dwarven blacksmith.
  • Fridtjov Såheim as Sindre, high school counselor.
  • Vebjørn Enger as Jens, who Wotan later transforms into the reincarnation of Baldr, god of light.
  • Ruben Rosbach as Kiwi, who Wotan later transforms into the reincarnation of Heimdall, god of foreknowledge.
  • Ylva Bjørkaas Thedin as Isolde Eidsvoll

ragnarok season 1


31 January 2020


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