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Reacher Season 2

Reacher is an American action crime streaming television series developed by Nick Santora for Amazon Prime Video. Based on the Jack Reacher book series by Lee Child, it stars Alan Ritchson as the title character, a self-proclaimed hobo and former U.S. Army military policeman with formidable strength, intellect, and abilities. During his travels, Reacher crosses paths with dangerous criminals and is forced to do battle.

The first season of Reacher was based on Killing Floor, Child’s 1997 debut novel, and was released on February 4, 2022. The second season, based on Bad Luck and Trouble (2007), began on December 15, 2023, and concluded on January 19, 2024. The series was renewed for a third season in early December 2023, which will be based on the 2003 novel Persuader.

reacher season 2

Reacher Season 2


Episodes 01


Somewhere in the Catskill Mountains, a man is shown being thrown out of a helicopter to his death. The next day, Jack Reacher is collecting his pension check in Arkansas when he intervenes to subdue an armed carjacker. He then notices that his own ATM receipt has a military emergency assistance code embedded in the amounts. Reacher contacts his former teammate Neagley, who confirms that she planted it there to get his attention. The man dropped from the helicopter was Calvin Franz, another former member of Reacher’s hand-picked Special Investigations Unit during his time in the Army. The two begin investigating the murder with the help of a third member, David O’Donnell; Reacher obtains a data drive hidden by Franz, obtaining a list of numbers and proof that someone is targeting every living member of Reacher’s unit. The trio swear to avenge their dead friend by finding and punishing his killers themselves.

Episodes 02

“What Happens in Atlantic City”

Reacher assaults a stranger tailing him, only to then identify him as NYPD Detective Guy Russo. Reacher, Neagley, and O’Donnell visit Atlantic City, where two more teammates (Sanchez and Orozco) work as security guards for the Neptune Casino. Along the way they meet Karla Dixon, another member of the team and potential love interest for Reacher. They find a helpful ally in David Wright, the casino’s Chief of Security. He comps the team a suite to stay in and helps them search for Sanchez and Orozco. Unfortunately, his police contacts confirm that both men were abducted, murdered, and dumped in the same region of mountains as Franz. He is also able to confirm that none of the casinos are missing money, so the numbers on the list must mean something else. A later assassination attempt points them back towards New York, to a company called New Age Technologies.

Episodes 03

“Picture Says a Thousand Words”

Flashbacks show Langston torturing Franz for information. Before being thrown from the helicopter, Franz warns Langston that the “big guy” is coming for him. In the present, Reacher acquires guns for the team, before he and O’Donnell are arrested by Russo. Russo reveals that his investigations have identified a suspect into the murders, Azari Mahmoud, the owner of the “AM” aliases. Meanwhile, Neagley and Dixon visit the offices of New Age Technologies, where Director of Operations Marlo Burns identifies the man who had been sent to kill them as Trevor Seropian and gives them his address. While in Denver, “AM” realizes that his aliases have been blown and tells Langston that his planned arrival in New York will be delayed; meanwhile, Dixon deduces that the list of figures discovered on the Franz USB represents days and months. Reacher, Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell pay a visit to Seropian’s house, correctly anticipating an ambush, and kill a large number of mercenaries working for New Age. With New Age’s involvement now confirmed, the team members conduct a raid on the company’s HQ, finding evidence that Swan had been an employee there.

Episodes 04

“A Night at the Symphony”

As the team members investigate their discoveries from New Age, they disagree on Swan’s motives after he was revealed to be working in the company’s security department. The team members find out that New Age has a government defense contract called Little Wing, thanks to notes from a senator named Lavoy. Meanwhile, back in Denver, AM kills a plastic surgeon in an attempt to steal his identity before flying to New York. The team members track the senator’s legislative aide to Boston, where Dixon helps Oscar Finlay arrest the aide to coerce information out of him. The aide reveals to Reacher and O’Donnell that Little Wing is a missile program, conducted in New Age facilities in Denver and New York, to create missiles that will always hit their targets. Reacher realizes that people from New Age are planning to sell 650 missiles to AM to enable terrorist attacks. Later that night, the team members are ambushed by a biker gang, but manage to subdue them. Reacher then phones Langston, who attempts to bribe him into going away, but Reacher refuses and proclaims that he wants to throw him out of a helicopter.

Episodes 05


Neagley and Dixon pay a visit to New Age’s facility in Denver attempting to see the missiles, only to find that they have already been taken away in a truck. One of AM’s henchmen stages the breakdown of another truck on the first truck’s route and kills its driver. He opens the truck’s trailer, revealing three other henchmen and the missiles. Neagley and Dixon who have been chasing the first truck come upon the scene, just after the henchmen have switched the trailers. The henchmen try to kill Neagley and Dixon. The first henchman drives off with the missiles before Neagley and Dixon kill the other three. In the paperwork Neagley and Dixon received from the manager of New Age’s Denver facility they learn that Swan had allowed the missiles to leave New Age. Meanwhile, Reacher and O’Donnell visit Washington D.C. and make a trip to the Department of Homeland Security for information on AM. Senator Lavoy catches up with Reacher and offers his assistance towards stopping a possible terrorist attack. The team members then head back to New York for Franz’s funeral, where Reacher runs into and confronts Russo, who reveals that Langston and the New Age security department, minus Swan, are former NYPD detectives who took early retirement after being investigated. During the funeral, two hitmen try to kill the team members. One of the hitmen is killed; Reacher and Russo chase and catch the other. He reveals that Swan paid him to kill the members of the team; when he goes to an abandoned building to collect his payment, the building explodes.

Episodes 06

“New York’s Finest”

Following the building explosion, Russo gives the team a lead regarding the location of Marlo Burns. After the team track her down, she confirms that Swan has been trying to stop New Age’s terrorist operation. She also reveals that she has been on the run thanks to Langston, who warned her that she and her daughter would be killed if she associated herself with Swan. Russo learns that his boss was contacted by New Age and is involved with their plans, having been bribed into revealing information regarding Reacher and the team. When Russo and Burns’ daughter Jane attempt to go into hiding, they are tracked by New Age hitmen attempting to kill them while pursuing them in a high speed chase across the city, forcing Russo to call the team for backup. The team enlists Burns as bait to lure Langston and other members of New Age into a trap, which results in Reacher killing all of them minus Langston, who escapes. Afterwards, Neagley, Dixon, and O’Donnell arrive to assist Russo. They rescue Jane, but Russo has died having sacrificed himself to kill the hitmen.

Episodes 07

“The Man Goes Through”

Reacher and his team decide to send Marlo and Jane to a safe place Dixon used to stay in Buffalo. Reacher and Neagley confront Lt. Marsh in his home while Dixon and O’Donnell send Marlo and Jane off in a safe passage. Marsh is killed by Reacher after he reveals Grant, a hitman hired by Langston to take down Russo, being alive in a hospital. Reacher and Neagley extract information regarding the buy from Grant after Reacher threatens to burst the balloon in Grant’s bladder by filling it with air. However, Reacher ensures that Grant dies from an embolism as revenge for killing Russo before leaving. They find a hitman disguised as a doctor sent to kill Grant and the hitman is accidentally killed in the fight between him, Neagley and Reacher. Langston reveals to Reacher in a phone call that he has got Dixon and O’Donnell. Reacher lies to Langston that Neagley got killed in the fight with the hitman. Meanwhile, Dixon and O’Donnell are tortured by Langston’s men. Reacher demands Senator Lavoy’s private security team at his disposal. Leaving Neagley outside with a plan, Reacher walks into the New Age Facility alone and surrenders himself as he confronts Langston.

Episodes 08

“Fly Boy”

While being held captive, Reacher learns that Swan never joined Langston and refused to be part of the conspiracy. As a result of his defiance, Swan was murdered, and his harvested body parts were used for DNA evidence to frame him as the designated fall guy. Neagley and Lavoy’s security team successfully break Reacher out of the New Age Facility, allowing him to board Langston’s helicopter. Reacher kills the remaining bodyguard and, as promised, tosses Langston out of the helicopter, freeing O’Donnell and Dixon. The team then heads to the New Age engineer’s house to ambush and kill A.M. Anticipating that Lavoy’s security team was going to assassinate the investigators as the last remaining loose ends, Homeland Security agents arrest Lavoy and the security team after receiving a tip from Reacher prior to his rescue mission. The investigators kill the two remaining New Age employees for their part in the conspiracy by using a Little Wing missile on Langston’s helicopter, with the crash covered up by Homeland Security. The team distributes the $65 million among themselves and the surviving family members of their fallen allies, then goes their separate ways.


  • Alan Ritchson as Jack Reacher
  • Malcolm Goodwin as Oscar Finlay (season 1; guest season 2), Margrave PD Police Captain and Chief Detective
  • Willa Fitzgerald as Roscoe Conklin (season 1), Margrave PD Sergeant
  • Chris Webster as KJ Kliner (season 1), the entitled son of Kliner Sr. who is assisting his father’s criminal operation
  • Bruce McGill as Mayor Grover Teale (season 1), a crooked politician in league with the Kliner family
  • Maria Sten as Frances Neagley, a corporate security professional who served with Reacher in the Army’s 110th Special Investigations Unit as a Master Sergeant
  • Serinda Swan as Karla Dixon (season 2), a forensic accountant in corporate risk management, who served with Reacher in the 110th Special Investigations Unit
  • Shaun Sipos as David O’Donnell (season 2), a lawyer with a family, who served with Reacher in the 110th Special Investigations Unit
  • Ferdinand Kingsley as A.M. (season 2), a seasoned mercenary traveling under multiple assumed identities
  • Robert Patrick as Shane Langston (season 2), a former NYPD detective and the head of security for New Age, a private defense contractor

reacher season 2


December 15, 2023


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