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See Season 1

See is an American science fiction drama television produced for Apple TV+ and starring Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard in leading roles. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic dystopia in the distant future where humanity’s descendants have lost their sense of sight, and the ability to see is considered to be a myth. The plot is set in motion by the birth of twin-sighted children in a mountain tribe.

See was created by Steven Knight. Anders Engström directed a majority of the episodes. It also stars Sylvia Hoeks, Hera Hilmar, Christian Camargo, Archie Madekwe, Nesta Cooper, and Yadira Guevara

-Prip. Executive producers include Knight, Law.

The series premiered on November 1, 2019, with a second season premiering on August 27, 2021. The third and final season premiered on August 26, 2022, and concluded on October 14, 2022.

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Episodes 01


In a dystopian future where humans have lost the sense of sight, two babies are born to Maghra—a newcomer to the Alkenny tribe, which lives in a lush forest landscape. Meanwhile, Queen Kane—the ruler of the city of Kanzua, has ordered Tamacti Jun, General of the Witchfinder army, to hunt down “witches”—those who promote the concept of vision or spread the knowledge of Jerlamarel, a man who can see. At the Alkenny settlement, tribe leader Baba Voss—the adopted father of the babies and Maghra’s husband — prepares the village for battle against the Witchfinder army. Tribe member Gether Bax betrays the Alkenny by disclosing the location of the settlement to Tamacti Jun, and mentioning rumors that the babies’ father is Jerlamarel. Baba Voss and the Alkenny engage in a bloody battle to defend the settlement. With their location compromised and the Witchfinder army now in pursuit, Baba Voss and Paris follow Jerlamarel’s clues and lead the Alkenny to a newly discovered bridge which provides them passage out of the valley. Baba Voss destroys the bridge preventing their pursuers from following. After many days of travel, the Alkenny find a new area to create a settlement.

Episodes 02

“Message in a Bottle”

While hunting in the forest, Baba Voss is attacked by a bear. He is saved by Jerlamarel, who asks Baba Voss to raise his children and keep them safe until they are old enough to receive a box containing “knowledge”. Baba Voss retrieves the box, which contains dozens of books. Meanwhile, Gether Bax continues to stoke discontent towards Voss’ leadership. He and his aunt Souter Bax secretly enlist another tribe member – Bow Lion, acting as a Shadow (a person skilled in obtaining information covertly), to spy on Paris. Maghra, Baba Voss and Paris discover that the babies—now named Kofun and Haniwa—can see and agree not to speak of the discovery again for twelve summers. Bow Lion tells Gether Bax that Paris and Baba Voss only talk of typical baby things. Gether thinks she may be lying to him, and sends a message in a bottle down river hoping it will reach the Witchfinder. Twelve summers later, Paris goes against Maghra’s wishes and informs Kofun and Haniwa that Jerlamarel is their real father and provides them with the box of books.

Episodes 03

“Fresh Blood”

After years of gaining knowledge and skills from Jerlamarel’s books, Kofun and Haniwa reach the verge of adulthood. Over those years, Witchfinder General Tamacti Jun has failed to locate them. Returning to Queen Kane, he requests to kill himself and avoid execution as punishment for his failure. Queen Kane receives Gether Bax’ message reporting the location of the Alkenny and decides to order Tamacti Jun to once again hunt down the children. At the Alkenny’s settlement, Gether and Souter Bax’ incestuous relationship results in a stillborn and disfigured child. In response, Baba Voss, Maghra and Paris along with several younger Alkenny seek out a nearby festival to encourage their people to seek partners from outside their tribe. Unknown to them, Kofun and Haniwa follow behind. At the festival, the group discover the Witchfinder’s rumors of witches have spread and innocent people are being burned alive. After Kofun is captured by slave traders, the group track them to a former mining quarry. Ashamed, Baba Voss reveals he used to be a slaver, before carrying out a violent rescue of Kofun. The tribe return to the Alkenny settlement to discover the Witchfinder army on the verge of mounting an attack.

Episodes 04

“The River”

As the Witchfinder army invades the Alkenny settlement, Baba Voss, Maghra, Paris, Kofun and Haniwa escape with Bow Lion. Baba Voss leads the group to a river and a raft he had secretly constructed. Gether Bax leads the Witchfinders to the river in pursuit of the group. In the ensuing fight, Haniwa kills Gether Bax and the tribe escape downriver. Meanwhile, Queen Kane’s parliament convenes and expresses frustration at the number of resources being used to locate Jerlamarel’s children. Shortly after, two parliament members—Lord Dune and Lady An, conspire to murder Queen Kane. The plot is overheard by the Queen’s lady-in-waiting Nyrie who later discloses it. Back at the river, Paris reveals a final letter to Kofun and Haniwa from Jerlamarel. The letter provides directions to his location. The group vote in favor of following Jerlamarel’s instructions but discover their belongings missing the next morning. Maghra frets over an item belonging to her father and instructs Baba to find it. With the help of Nyrie, Queen Kane executes Lord Dune and Lady An. With her followers rising up against her, Queen Kane destabilizes the Kanzua dam causing the structure to collapse and flooding the village.

Episodes 05


As the valley floods, Queen Kane and Nyrie escape. Back at the river, Baba Voss, Kofun and Haniwa search for the missing items and locate a scavenger settlement nearby. Haniwa enters it, finds the missing items and is attacked by a lone figure. Baba Voss and Kofun come to her rescue, and the lone occupant is revealed to be Boots—another of Jerlamarel’s young children who also is able to see. Boots pledges his loyalty to Baba Voss on the condition he can join the group in their journey. Meanwhile, Queen Kane, Nyrie and her driver are attacked by two Shadow Warriors. Nyrie and the driver are killed while Queen Kane is captured and taken to the City of Worms, a nearby silk manufacturing settlement where she is presented to its leader Cutter. Unaware of her true identity, Cutter forces Queen Kane into slavery. At the river, Haniwa returns the small bag to Maghra. The Witchfinder army locate the group once again. Forced to retreat into the forest, Maghra and Paris take shelter while Baba Voss and the rest of the group fight off their pursuers. Maghra comes out of hiding and confronts Tamacti Jun. The item inside Maghra’s bag is revealed to be a ring worn only by royalty. Upon recognizing the sound of the ring’s rattle, Tamacti Jun bows before Maghra, addressing her as Princess Maghra of House Kane.

Episodes 06


Maghra reveals that years earlier, her dying father, the former King of House Kane, chose her as his successor over her older sister. With no proof other than her word, Maghra reminds Tamacti Jun that it was his deciding vote that saw Queen Kane emerge as monarch instead. At the City of Worms, a slave named Cora befriends the captive Queen Kane who reveals her royal status in confidence. Cora is revealed to be acting on Cutter’s orders to gain information. Queen Kane is brought to Cutter, who removes a royal amulet embedded within her chest. Back at the river, Boots falsely claims he witnessed Maghra’s death and betrays the group by leading them to a cave where they are held in captivity. A woman claiming to be Boots’ mother offers to help the group escape on the condition that one of them kill Boots due to his past actions. Baba Voss fights off several of their captors, allowing the others to reach the surface, before barely escaping himself. Nearby, Boots allows himself to be taken captive by the Witchfinder army and is taken to Maghra. Shortly after, Cutter sends a ransom note to Tamacti Jun informing him of Queen’s imprisonment, along with the royal amulet as proof of her identity. Boots requests that Maghra let him serve as her lieutenant and offers to track down her sister.

Episodes 07

“The Lavender Road”

Tamacti Jun tortures the messengers from the City of Worms to reveal its location, having captured them with the help of Boots. Leaving behind a small fraction of soldiers to search for Maghra’s family, Tamacti Jun takes Maghra, Boots, and the rest of his army to rescue Queen Kane. Locating the City of Worms, Tamacti Jun sends Boots to scout the area, then uses the information to infiltrate the site himself. After killing the guards, he finds the injured Queen, who has been helped by Cora during the commotion to overpower Cutter and strangle him with her chains. Maghra comes to aid her sister, who deduces her identity. Queen Kane reveals that she destroyed the dam at Kanzua as she fled to kill her opposers. Tamacti Jun reacts with anger at her selfish actions and considers whether Maghra would be a more suitable replacement as monarch. Meanwhile, the others locate the route to Jerlamarel’s location. The group meet resistance whilst attempting to cross a mountain pass and Bow Lion is injured. Kofun and Haniwa reveal themselves as the children of Jerlamarel, but only they are permitted to pass through the bridge to the House of Enlightenment. Baba Voss insists that Kofun and Haniwa proceed onto their destiny. However, he reveals to Paris that they will stay close behind.

Episodes 08

“House of Enlightenment”

Jerlamarel appears and welcomes the twins to the House of Enlightenment—a former prison converted into a settlement with electricity, hot water and an extensive library. He introduces them to their other siblings. The pair realize Jerlamarel views himself as a savior of mankind and that he has been chosen by God to bring vision back to the world. Nearby, Baba Voss and Paris leave an injured Bow Lion in the care of another tribe. Meanwhile, at the City of Worms, Tamacti Jun agrees with Maghra that Queen Kane should abdicate the crown. Maghra informs the Queen of the choices open to her, but that ultimately it will not be her decision. Back at the House of Enlightenment, Kofun wakes and overhears Jerlamarel secretly discussing the handover of the twins to a Colonel from the Trivantian tribe who acts on behalf of a mysterious General seeking the children of Baba Voss. Jerlamarel agrees to only hand over Haniwa, which the Colonel accepts. Kofun is discovered and imprisoned before confronting Jerlamarel who fails to convince Kofun of his actions. Kofun attacks Jerlamarel who then orders guards to execute him. Outside, Kofun is saved by Baba Voss and the two re-enter the settlement. Kofun shuts down the generator, while Baba Voss discovers Jerlamarel handed Haniwa over to General Edo Voss, his brother. Baba defeats and blinds Jerlamarel before he and Kofun escape and reunite with Paris. At the City of Worms, Tamacti Jun and Maghra press Queen Kane for her answer, before Boots appears and seriously wounds Tamacti Jun. Maghra and Queen Kane emerge and address the Witchfinder army as joint rulers and announce Tamacti Jun committed suicide out of shame, before Maghra orders the army head to the Lavender Road to look for her family. Meanwhile, Baba Voss, Kofun and Paris come across a large city and vow to save Haniwa.


  • Jason Momoa as Baba Voss, a fearless warrior and the leader of the Alkenny Tribe. He is the husband of Maghra, older brother of Edo Voss, and the adopted father of Kofun and Haniwa, children born with the now-dormant sense of sight. He places the safety of his family, friends, and tribe as a top priority to protect them from the Witchfinders. This was Jason Momoa’s second lead television role (after starring in the Canadian series Frontier).
  • Sylvia Hoeks as Queen Sibeth Kane, the ruler of the Payan Kingdom and Maghra’s older sister. She exercises her power ruthlessly and murders anyone who spreads heresy about the sense of sight.
  • Hera Hilmar as Maghra Kane, who joined the Alkenny Tribe as a stranger, soon marrying Baba Voss. She is the younger sister of Sibeth and the mother of Kofun and Haniwa. Fiercely protective of her family, Maghra will do whatever is necessary to keep them alive.
  • Christian Camargo as Tamacti Jun, the royal tax collector and Witchfinder General of the Payan army. A brilliant and violent soldier, he is tasked with finding those with sight, specifically the children of Jerlamarel.
  • Archie Madekwe as Kofun, the son of Baba Voss and Maghra, and the biological son of Jerlamarel, who has the ability to see. Composed, careful and intelligent, he grows to be more cautious than his twin sister Haniwa.
  • Nesta Cooper as Haniwa, the daughter of Baba Voss and Maghra, and the biological daughter of Jerlamarel, who also has the ability to see. Proud, determined, and strong, she grows to be more rebellious than her twin brother Kofun, and more curious about their true origins.
  • Alfre Woodard as Paris (seasons 1–2), a wise elder member of the Alkenny Tribe. Her innate wisdom guides Baba Voss, especially in times of crisis, and she acts as a mother figure to him. She also serves as the shaman of the tribe.



On January 10, 2018, it was announced that Apple had given the production a series order for a single eight-episode season. The series was written by Steven Knight and directed by Francis Lawrence, both of whom also executive produced alongside Peter Chernin, Jenno Topping, and Kristen Campo. Production companies involved with the series consisted of Chernin Entertainment and Endeavor Content.

Lawrence, Knight, the show’s writers, and the art and prop departments worked with blindness consultants, an evolutionary biologist, and a survivalist on worldbuilding See, brainstorming about how societies would develop and function under such conditions.

On November 7, 2019, Apple ordered a second season of the series. In June 2021, Apple announced the show was to be renewed for a third season. In June 2022, it was announced that the third season consisting of eight episodes would conclude the series. The final season premiered on August 26, 2022 and concluded on October 14, 2022.


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