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Prison Break Season 1

The first season of Prison Break, an American serial drama television series, commenced airing in the United States and Canada on August 29, 2005, on Mondays at 9:00 p.m. (EST) on Fox. Prison Break is produced by Adelstein-Parouse Productions, in association with Rat Entertainment, Original Film and 20th Century Fox Television. The season contains 22 episodes, and concluded on May 15, 2006. In addition to the 22 regular episodes, a special, “Behind the Walls”, was aired on October 11, 2005.

Prison Break revolves around two brothers: Lincoln Burrows, who has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his younger brother Michael Scofield, a genius who devises an elaborate plan to help him escape prison by purposely getting himself imprisoned.

A total of ten actors received star billing in the first season, with numerous supporting roles. Filming took place mostly in and around the Chicago area; Fox River was represented by Joliet Prison, which had closed in 2002. Critical reviews of the first season were generally favorable. The first season was released on DVD in Region One as a six-disc boxed set under the title of Prison Break: Season One on August 8, 2006.

prison break season 1

Prison Break Season 1


Episodes 01


Michael Scofield gets imprisoned in Fox River State Penitentiary as part of an elaborate plan to break out his brother, Lincoln Burrows, who is facing execution for the murder of the Vice President’s brother, a charge Burrows denies. At first Scofield gets the displeasure of C.O. head Brad Bellick and then meets his cellmate Fernando Sucre. Scofield forces John Abruzzi to recruit him in the Prison Industries (PI) by proving to know the location of Fibonacci, the only witness against Abruzzi. Scofield also meets Charles Westmoreland, who is believed to be D. B. Cooper, and Dr. Sara Tancredi, who injects him insulin because of his apparent diabetes, and Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin, who accepts to get anti-insulin drugs for Scofield. Scofield accepts warden Pope’s offer to finish making a model of the Taj Mahal. Scofield reunites with Burrows, and reveals that his mysterious body tattoo is the blueprint of the prison. Meanwhile, L.J. Burrows, Lincoln’s son, is arrested for drug dealing. Secret Service is revealed to be part of the conspiracy against Lincoln. Veronica Donovan, a lawyer and Lincoln’s former girlfriend, begins to believe his innocence.

Episodes 02


Sucre goes to solitary confinement for keeping illegal materials. For his plan, Scofield needs an Allen bolt, which exists in Bagwell’s bench. Bagwell refuses to give him the bolt after Scofield denies his sexual offer. Tancredi doubts Scofield’s diabetes and schedules a test. A race fight starts between the black and white prisoners. Scofield obtains the bolt and uses it to unscrew his cell’s toilet. Bagwell thinks that Scofield killed the former’s male love. Franklin gives Scofield the drug, resulting in the latter’s positive test and his regular access to the infirmary. Falzone, Abruzzi’s accomplice, pushes him to find Fibonacci. Bellick searches Scofield’s cell, but he doesn’t find anything. Burrows tells Donovan that he didn’t pull the trigger, as shown in the tape, and the man was already dead. Donovan finds a witness named Leticia Barris. Secret Service agent Paul Kellerman reports Donovan’s activities to a woman in Montana. Since Sucre can’t call his fiancé, Delgado, from the solitary, she gets upset and goes out with Sucre’s cousin Hector. Scofield is abducted by Abruzzi’s men and tortured for Fibonacci.

Episodes 03

“Cell Test”

Lincoln vows to make Abruzzi pay, but Scofield reminds him that Abruzzi is needed. Sucre is released from solitary and Scofield tests the former’s loyalty before revealing his plan. Sucre passes the test, but he decides to change his cell and stay out of trouble as he will be released soon. Abruzzi realizes that he must befriend Scofield in order to find Fibonacci. Bagwell plans to lynch Scofield. Abruzzi tries to reconcile with Scofield by having his men beat up Bagwell and thus the latter going to the solitary. Scofield tells Abruzzi about his plan and he agrees to cooperate. L.J.’s probation officer forces him to visit Lincoln and the father and son become closer after a long time. Before Barris can sign her testimony for Lincoln written by Donovan, Kellerman and his fellow agent, Hale, abduct and kill the former. Donovan decides to leave her fiance, Sebastian Balfour. Bellick brings Patoshik, a psychotic inmate, to Scofield’s cell. Patoshik becomes a problem for Scofield’s plan.

Episodes 04

“Cute Poison”

Patoshik is obsessed with Scofield’s tattoo; knowing it to be a path. Abruzzi pushes Scofield to take care of Patoshik. When Sucre discovers that Hector is making a move on the former’s fiancee, he decides to join Scofield’s plan; but the latter tells him that he needs to get rid of Patoshik first. Scofield forms a hole to the infirmary using chemicals provided by Abruzzi and Patoshik’s toothpaste. After a scenario made by Scofield, the guards take Patoshik away and Sucre is returned. Sucre starts a commotion in the block to cover for Scofield’s noise. Scofield manages to open a hole behind his cell’s toilet, opening a way to the corridors behind. In the meantime, with Lincoln’s hint, Donovan asks Project Justice for help, which is denied; but Nick Savrinn from the Project decides to join her investigation. Kellerman and Hale learn that Scofield and Lincoln are brothers and arrange to transfer Scofield to a different prison the following day.

Episodes 05

“English, Fitz or Percy”

Pope denies Kellerman and Hale’s request to have Michael transferred out of Fox River. They threaten Pope to reveal the latter’s illegitimate son’s history to his wife. Pope informs Scofield of the transfer. Westmoreland advises Scofield to write a petition to the court; which will delay the transfer for weeks no matter the petition’s result. The agents tell Pope to throw the petition away. In the meantime, Scofield enlists the team’s help to discover part of the escape route, whether to take one of the streets English, Fitz or Percy, outside the prison. He has the guards believe that he attempts to escape, where he discovers police cars flooding English and Percy, but not Fitz. In order to prevent any more troubles, Pope decides to have him transferred; but changes his mind at the last moment and proceeds to tell his wife the truth. Meanwhile, Donovan and Savrinn realize that the tape against Lincoln is faked, but it gets stolen, and she suspects he is working against her.

Episodes 06

“Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 1)”

Bagwell is released from solitary and meets his new cellmate and future rape victim. Falling behind schedule, Scofield maneuvers the prisoners and guards into initiating a lockdown of the prison to give himself more time to dig a hole, but this backfires when Bagwell starts a full-scale riot that leads the prisoners outside the block. Worse, Bagwell and a captured C.O. discover the escape plan, and Bagwell threatens to reveal the plan if he’s not in. He also suggests to kill the C.O. to neutralize the risk. Tancredi’s life is threatened after the sickbay prisoners start a riot of their own. Scofield sees this via the cameras and risks his escape plan to rescue her before she is raped. Meanwhile, Kellerman and Hale use a retired contact to recruit Turk, a Fox River inmate, to kill Lincoln. Turk lures Lincoln into an empty underground. Outside the prison, Donovan keeps her distance from Savrinn; but he proves that he can be trusted when he finds out that the anonymous call to have Lincoln arrested came from Washington, D.C., whereas the alleged murder was in Chicago.

Episodes 07

“Riots, Drills and the Devil (Part 2)”

Governor Tancredi, Sara’s father, arrives in the prison personally with plans on having the prison raided, which is agreed by Bellick but not by Pope. Scofield manages to rescue Sara from the violent prisoners in sickbay. After a difficult fight and flight, the duo are able to evade the prisoners, and Sara escapes outside to safety, while Scofield returns to his cell. She realizes that Scofield couldn’t have accessed the infirmary easily. Sucre and Abruzzi continue digging with the risk of blowing a gas pipe; but they eventually break through the wall. After a fierce fight, Lincoln manages to kill Turk, the former failing to find out who wanted him dead. At the end of the riot, Bagwell kills the C.O., even after being told not to, before taking the latter’s daughter’s picture. Donovan and Savrinn arrive in Washington, D.C. and find out that the call was from a phone booth outside an empty building. They receive a phone call with a mysterious voice threatening their lives.

Episodes 08

“The Old Head”

Scofield states that they need to dig the guards’ room for the plan; but access to the room is restricted and Westmoreland is the only inmate allowed; but the latter doesn’t want to have anything to do with Scofield’s plan. Meanwhile, the C.O.s are actively looking for the inmate who killed one during the riot. Bellick asks Westmoreland about the murderer, but he chooses silence; and Bellick kills his cat for revenge. Bagwell asks Trokey, his friend, to take the blame; but the latter denies it. However, the former sets up the latter and the case is closed. In response to Bellick’s deed, Westmoreland grants Scofield’s request and burns the guards’ room while he also puts the blame on Bellick. Scofield’s team are called to repair the room, giving them a chance to dig. They finally accept Bagwell in the team. Meanwhile, a murder attempt on Donovan and Savrinn results in her neighbor’s death. The duo escape while they’re believed to be dead. Kellerman and Hale kill L.J.’s mother and stepfather and frame L.J. for it. The Vice President is revealed to be the woman to whom Kellerman is reporting.

Episodes 09


Bagwell’s cellmate begs for Scofield’s help, but the latter can’t help him because Bagwell knows his plan. The boy kills himself. David “Tweener” Apolskis is a new inmate annoyed by Bagwell. Scofield forces Bagwell to stay away from the boy. The team’s activities make Franklin suspicious. Bellick informs Abruzzi that Falzone hasn’t paid the former this month and Abruzzi realizes that Falzone is trying to cast him out and give his position to Fiorello because of Abruzzi’s failure to find Fibonacci. Abruzzi takes his revenge from Fiorello by gouging out his eye. Bellick gives the room’s repair to Fiorello’s team, which threatens the plan. Meanwhile, Tancredi talks to Scofield’s psychiatrist and realizes that he suffers from low latent inhibition, making him both sympathetic and genius. Donovan and Savrinn take refuge in his father’s house in the woods. They learn from the wife of Steadman, the Vice President’s brother, that his commercial partners could be the ones behind his death. L.J. keeps running from Kellerman and Hale. He joins Donovan and Savrinn on Lincoln’s advice.

Episodes 10

“Sleight of Hand”

Franklin convinces Fiorello to let him work in the room and finds the hole. Abruzzi persuades Scofield and Falzone to meet. Scofield tells Falzone how he found Fibonacci even though he was in witness protection. He demands money in addition to Abruzzi’s return to power. Abruzzi forces Scofield to talk by revealing to know about Donovan. With the location revealed and Abruzzi’s capabilities proved, Falzone reappoints him as P.I.’s head and the former casts Fiorello out. Falzone goes with his men to kill Fibonacci; but it’s revealed that it was a false address and Scofield and Abruzzi were working together all the time. Falzone and his men are arrested by the police, who are informed by an unknown woman working with Scofield. The teams restores its work in the room and is forced to include Franklin as he knows the plan. Meanwhile, Scofield and Tancredi get closer. Vice President Reynolds informs Kellerman that the “Company” has sent its own operative, Quinn, to take over their work. Quinn kills Balfour and uses his IP to find the exact location of Donovan.

Episodes 11

“And Then There Were 7”

Scofield is met by his wife, Nika Volek, who gives him a credit card. Bellick realizes that Volek is a prostitute and forces her to talk. She reveals that Scofield married her for her green card and tells him about the credit card. Scofield realizes that C.O. Geary has stolen his watch and asks Apolskis to steal it back, which he does. Westmoreland realizes that his daughter is dying and he can’t see her before her death. He admits to Scofield that he is D.B. Cooper and the money is real and that he wants in, which Scofield accepts. Using the card and the watch, Scofield makes a recording device and determines the time period of the guard shift around the infirmary. While the team completes digging the hole, Scofield tells Lincoln that time is not enough for everyone to pass and one member must be omitted. Meanwhile, Quinn interrogates Donovan, L.J. and Savrinn, who’s critically shot. They manage to escape after locking Quinn down in a well. Kellerman and Hale arrive and strict him in the well instead of saving him; since he is a problem for them.

Episodes 12

“Odd Man Out”

Scofield tells the team about the extra member and they decide to cast out Bagwell; but he informs them that his cousin knows the plan outside and he’ll call the authorities if Bagwell is not included. Abruzzi’s men find Bagwell’s cousin; but the man and his little child are killed in the struggle. Abruzzi feels guilty for everything he’s done; but he decides to take care of Bagwell anyway. Bagwell swears to atone for his mistakes like Abruzzi did. The latter spares the former, giving him a chance to slit the latter’s throat. Meanwhile, Lincoln is forced to assault Geary to cover for the team, which results in his abduction by the guards. Delgado informs Sucre that she is pregnant and he realizes that he tells her that he is getting out soon. Bellick forces Apolskis to spy on Scofield to avoid solitary for stealing from Geary. In the meantime, Savrinn is taken to a hospital. Hale feels guilty for his actions and plans to escape with his family. He calls Donovan and makes an arrangement.

Episodes 13

“End of the Tunnel”

Donovan meets Hale, who reveals that Steadman is alive. Before he can give her anything, Kellerman arrives and kills Hale; she escapes after watching the murder. Meanwhile, Abruzzi is taken by a helicopter outside the prison for better care and the odd man problem is solved. Lincoln is beaten by the guards and thrown in the solitary. Pope denies Scofield’s request to meet Lincoln. Scofield decides to suspend the plan, but the others push to leave without Lincoln now that everything is ready. Franklin calls his brother-in-law, the only one in the family who knows he is in prison, and tells him to arrange for the plan. Scofield manages to send Lincoln a drug with a message when to take it. The team deliberately makes a mess in the room and Bellick forces them to stay and work until night, giving them the chance to escape. When the time comes, Lincoln takes the drug, gets sick and is taken to the infirmary; and the team proceeds to the room under there; but they realize that the tube Scofield made a hole in is changed with a reinforced one, ruining the breakout.

Episodes 14

“The Rat”

Before Bagwell can make any move, the team hears a guard coming. They hide and after he leaves, they return to their cells without arousing suspicion. Donovan and Savrinn arrange for an appellate court to reveal what she saw. Scofield learns from Westmoreland that the execution will be delayed for weeks if the electric chair has a malfunction, a conversation that is heard by Apolskis. Scofield uses a mouse to cut the power of the chair. In the court, Donovan has no evidence for what she saw; and the government attorney presents documents that state no agents with names Kellerman or Hale have ever worked in Secret Service. Bellick forces Apolskis to share what he knows and he tells him what he heard and the latter solves the problem before the execution time comes, surprising Scofield. Lincoln has already surrendered to his apparent fate. He talks to L.J. on the phone and says goodbye to Scofield and Donovan, who has failed at the appeal. Lincoln enters the execution room.

Episodes 15

“By the Skin and the Teeth”

Lincoln is surprised to see a specific man in the watching room. The judge calls and stops the sentence. Lincoln tells Scofield that the man he saw was their father. The judge states that he suspended the execution because he received a document showing a discrepancy in coroner’s reports and orders an exhumation with a new test. Meanwhile, Scofield is trying to find a new way out. His plan is to get to the infirmary through the asylum. He gets a guard uniform from Sucre’s cousin, Manche Sanchez, who works in the laundry. At night, he gets in the yard from a hatch, uniformed and thus not spotted by the guards. He gets to the asylum and finds the way; but he has part of his back burnt when returning. Bellick accuses Sucre of burning Scofield while Tancredi finds a C.O. uniform particle in the burnt tissue. The new coroner test surprisingly shows a match. Cameras show that Lincoln’s father was the person who brought the report. It’s revealed that he was a “Company” member and Lincoln wasn’t picked randomly. Scofield realizes that a necessary part of his tattoo is gone as a result of the burning.

Episodes 16

“Brother’s Keeper”

Three years ago, Scofield was living a comfortable life while Lincoln was saddled with debts. His debts were paid by a man who forced him to kill Steadman in exchange. After Lincoln’s arrest, Scofield blamed him for not using his share of the life insurance properly and ruining his life. Donovan revealed to Scofield that there had been no life insurance when his mother had died; Lincoln borrowed the money for Scofield to thrive and kept the truth hidden. Feeling responsible, Scofield planned the breakout. Tancredi used rehabilitation to quit addiction, where Bellick offered her the job in Fox River. Sucre attempted to rob a store to buy Delgado a suiting ring; Hector called the police and Sucre was arrested. Franklin served in the army when he saw prisoner torture. He reported the crime; but he was fired to prevent the scandal. He had to earn money by illegal goods transferring and was arrested, but kept it hidden from his family. Bagwell was in love with a widow who had two children. She had him arrested when she realized that he was wanted for child rape and murder. He promised to find her when he got out.

Episodes 17


Tancredi reports what she found to Pope, who sends Scofield to solitary after he refuses to talk. Scofield apparently gets mentally ill. Bellick decides to bring more professional workers for the room. The team realizes that the hole must be covered soon. Since Sucre’s cell has the only way to the room, he is picked for the job. He covers the hole and starts running in the courtyard before getting caught. With material provided by Bagwell, Sucre relatively justifies his action, but goes to the solitary anyway. Apolskis tells Bellick that the team is planning something related to the carpet; but no hole is found since it was covered in time by Sucre. Because of the disappointment, Bellick puts Apolskis in a cell with a violent inmate named Avocado. Scofield is taken to the asylum, where he is revealed to be healthy, as this was just a plan to reach Patoshik, who can help him with his tattoo; but Patoshik doesn’t remember anything. Meanwhile, Donovan’s group recovers Quinn’s cell phone to find clues. In the well, L.J. sees the name “Kellerman” carved by Quinn. He finds Kellerman’s house and ambushes him alone. The police arrive and arrest L.J.

Episodes 18


Scofield stops Patoshik from taking the medications and the latter begins to remember and draw the lost part. Officer Geary decides to sell Scofield’s cell to the highest bidder. The team decides to buy the cell before anyone else finds its hole. First Franklin tries to get money from the black inmates, but Trumpets says that he is disliked because of befriending whites and then beaten up. The team starts gambling and wins a lot of money thanks to Bagwell’s skills. They give the money to Geary; but he doesn’t sell it to them and surprisingly keeps the money. Sucre tells Sanchez about their plan and agrees to include him if he helps them in their problem. Having completed the tattoo, Scofield tells Pope that it was Geary who burnt him, an accusation which is proved by the team’s actions. Geary is fired from the prison. Meanwhile, Savrinn is approached by a man who instructs him to keep watching Donovan, who now represents L.J. too. Lincoln is granted a visit to L.J. While being transferred, Lincoln’s vehicle is attacked on the road.

Episodes 19

“The Key”

Aldo, Lincoln’s father, arrives and saves him from Kellerman. Aldo tells Lincoln that the “Company” he worked for controls the U.S. government and it used Lincoln as a bait to stop him after he defied it. The police and Kellerman arrive in the scene. Lincoln informs the police in order to save himself from Kellerman. Aldo escapes and Lincoln is returned to Fox River and sent to solitary. Scofield needs the key to the infirmary. Apolskis is constantly raped by Avocado and refuses to steal the key for Scofield. Volek steals Tancredi’s key. Scofield makes a copy and returns it to the infirmary. Having found out, Tancredi changes the lock and hinders the plan. Apolskis amputates Avocado’s penis and the latter’s revenge is certain when he is back. Meanwhile, Abruzzi is revealed to have survived the wound and returned, frightening Bagwell; but the former makes an apparent peace with the latter and promises Scofield to arrange the plane. Abruzzi is also revealed to be the man instructing Savrinn to watch Donovan. Scofield includes Apolskis in the plan; but the latter reveals it to Bellick, who finds the hole in the room.

Episodes 20


Westmoreland attacks and locks Bellick under the room before he can alert the others; but the former is critically wounded. As a result, Scofield plans the escape for that night. Everyone should change their body smells in order not to be spotted by dogs. He also accepts Apolskis although he knows of his betrayal. Franklin is tasked to get detergents from the kitchen, where he is approached by Trumpets, whom the former beats up. Trumpets plans to kill Franklin. Scofield apparently finishes the Taj Mahal model for Pope, who in turn allows Scofield to visit Lincoln in solitary. Scofield reveals his plan to Tancredi, begging her to leave the door unlocked when she leaves for the night, saying that she knows Lincoln is innocent. Abruzzi informs Savrinn to bring Donovan on time. As Donovan prepares to go to Montana for a clue, Savrinn pulls a gun on her. Meanwhile, Reynolds is refused as the presidential candidate by the party. The model collapses as Pope tries to move it. He immediately calls Scofield to the room, where the latter pulls a knife on the former.

Episodes 21


Scofield forces Pope to order the transfer of Lincoln to the infirmary before locking him in the closet. Tension rises when Trumpets tries to kill Franklin; but the latter hides successfully. The team start the escape from the hole in Scofield’s cell. They arrive and secure Bellick before he can alert the others. Scofield wears Bellick’s uniform and tells the others to wear the clothes made white using the detergents. The team uses the clothes to get in the asylum without arousing suspicion. They realize that Tancredi has left the door open for them. Having followed the team, Patoshik forces them to let him in. Westmoreland succumbs to his wound after telling Scofield of the location of the money, which is 5 million dollars. A few others hear that too. They use the cable to pass the wall one by one. Sanchez breaks the cable and falls because of his weight. Meanwhile, Savrinn decides to release Donovan, who takes the plane to Montana. Abruzzi’s thug kills Savrinn and his father. The Company decides to get rid of Reynolds. Pope is found and freed and triggers the alarm.

Episodes 22


The eight escapees (Scofield, Burrows, Sucre, Abruzzi, Bagwell, Franklin, Apolskis and Patoshik) start running towards a van parked by Abruzzi’s men. They leave Patoshik behind and escape with the van. Realizing that Abruzzi will certainly kill him, Bagwell cuffs himself to Scofield and swallows the key. They leave the van behind and continue on foot. Scofield forces Apolskis to leave the team because of his betrayal. They get in a warehouse, where Abruzzi cuts off Bagwell’s left hand, freeing Scofield. They leave Bagwell behind and run towards the airstrip. Meanwhile, the President dies as a result of a heart attack, implied to be an assassination. Reynolds quickly swears as the President, making the Company respect her. The police enter Tancredi’s apartment and find her overdosed. Donovan goes to a mansion in Montana and meets Steadman. Apolskis passes the checkpoint inside an animal transferring vehicle. Patoshik takes a bicycle. Bagwell keeps running with his hand. The team arrives at the strip just after the plane leaves. As the police approach, they start running.


  • Dominic Purcell as Lincoln Burrows
  • Wentworth Miller as Michael Scofield
  • Robin Tunney as Veronica Donovan
  • Peter Stormare as John Abruzzi
  • Amaury Nolasco as Fernando Sucre
  • Marshall Allman as L.J. Burrows
  • Wade Williams as Captain Brad Bellick
  • Paul Adelstein as Secret Service Agent Paul Kellerman
  • Robert Knepper as Theodore “T-Bag” Bagwell
  • Rockmond Dunbar as Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin
  • Sarah Wayne Callies as Dr. Sara Tancredi
  • Stacy Keach as Warden Henry Pope
  • Phillip Edward Van Lear as C.O. Louis Patterson
  • Frank Grillo as Nick Savrinn
  • Muse Watson as Charles Westmoreland
  • Christian Stolte as C.O. Keith Stolte
  • Mac Brandt as C.O. Mack Andrews
  • Patricia Wettig as Vice President Caroline Reynolds
  • Danny McCarthy as Secret Service Agent Daniel Hale
  • DuShon Monique Brown as Nurse Katie Welsh
  • Lane Garrison as David “Tweener” Apolskis
  • Matt DeCaro as C.O. Roy Geary
  • Michelle Forbes as Samantha Brinker
  • Joseph Nunez as Manche Sanchez
  • Anthony Fleming as Trumpets
  • Silas Weir Mitchell as Charles “Haywire” Patoshik
  • Camille Guaty as Maricruz Delgado
  • John Heard as Governor Frank Tancredi
  • Peter J. Reineman as Gus Fiorello
  • Jessalyn Gilsig as Lisa Rix
  • Al Sapienza as Philly Falzone
  • John Billingsley as Terrence Steadman
  • Michael Gaston as Quinn
  • Blaine Hogan as Seth “Cherry” Hoffner
  • Philip Rayburn Smith as Adrian Rix
  • Holly Valance as Nika Volek
  • Robert Michael Vieau as Christopher Trokey
  • Anthony Denison as Aldo Burrows
  • Mike Jones as Darius Morgan
  • K. K. Dodds as Susan Hollander

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August 29, 2005


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